Real estate acquisition by areas and types

Investment grade opportunities in main cities:

Not every real estate product offered in the market can be considered an “investment grade” product. In fact, good investment opportunities either get quickly sold or are poorly publicized and consequently difficult to find. Real estate agencies and middlemen usually favour selling those units which they are more interested in selling quickly, rather than those that most match the interests of their clients.

Certamen Creditorum will only provide you with the best options to match your exact needs, whether those are of a financial nature, or of a more personal nature, such a finding place for your retirement or a decent lodgement for the use of your son during his studies in Spain, etc. In any case, we will only provide you carefully chosen products under two criteria:

      • Their ability to increase their value adjusted to inflation in the long term, or at least not to lose it under extreme conditions, thus avoiding that you may be affected by future market crashes.
      • And, if your purpose is of a financial nature, their ability to be marketed (leased) in the short term.

In order to fully understand our advantage to real estate agencies and middlemen, think of us as “purchasing partners”: we analyse the real estate product from the perspective of a purchaser, and we can provide you information on the current situation of the product and its projected evolution, as well as the evolution of its environment, that is essential for your taking an investment decision.

We may assist you both in the investment in residential real estate: appartments, villas or appartment buildings, and in the investment in commercial real estate: commercial, business and industrial premises.

Investment grade opportunities in turistic areas:

Real estate investment in Spanish turistic areas should be approached with special care, since it may be subject to very specific, complex and, in many cases, conflicting, economic, environmental and urban planning regulations.

Given this requirement, Certamen Creditorum may assist you in the acquisition of appartments and villas, coastal resorts, as well as in the acquisition of rural or urban hotels.

Investment grade opportunities in rural areas:

Certamen Creditorum may also assist you in your investment in rural areas in three specific product areas:

      • Country estates: with a specific approach to their situation under regional or local urban planning regulations.
      • Hunting ranges: Hunting ranges are subject to a complex net of various environmental regulations which may vary from one region to another. It is essential that you obtain a thorough legal assistance on this matter before taking any decision.
      • Farmland: the value of farmland areas is intrinsecally dependant, among other factors, on EU and regional government regulations regarding the enforcement of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and environmental requirements.
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