Construction projects

A construction project implies a necessarily complex, and sometimes cumbersome, process, with many private and public legal implications: entering into agreements with many private parties, supervising the execution of the agreements, dealing with many public agencies and fulfilling an unending list of technical and environmental requirements.

It is highly advisable to approach this process with the help and advice of experienced attorneys who will guide you through the process since its very first steps such as the acquisition of suitable urban land, to the delivery of the building and the execution, if necessary, of any guarantees provided by the construction company.

Certamen Creditorum may assist you in this matter through the planning, execution and supervision of the entire construction process, as well as through the co-ordination of the construction company with you and with any third party intervening professionals. We are familiarised with the technicalities of the entire urbanization and construction process, and we may even personally supervise and oversee your project while it is being executed, and, in any case, we may provide you with the following legal services:

  • Urban land purchase: purchase agreements, call options, exchanges of land for finished buildings, intermediation and real estate management agreements.
  • Urban planning and environmental due diligence reports.
  • Request for administrative permits and licenses.
  • Negotiation of construction agreement.
  • Assistance in the fulfilling of environmental requirements.
  • Negotiation of agreement with architectural studio.
  • Negotiation of agreements with other suppliers.
  • Monitoring of the execution of the construction agreement.
  • Execution of guarantees and covenants of the construction agreement.
  • Licence of first occupation and certificate of fitness.
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