“Buy-to-let” and real estate management

Declining real estate prices imply better and bigger opportunities for an investor interested in the Spanish market, who may encounter opportunities in the form of profitability rates which were unimaginable a few years ago.

Legal assistance for this type of investment may comprise the following services:

  • Definition of the desired form of investment (direct investment in Spain or incorporation of a company; if so, types of company to be used, group structure, etc.), with particular interest on tax optimization issues, such as the use of special purpose real estate leasing companies, which may opt to 85% bonifications on the Corporate Income Tax.
  • Negotiation of purchase agreements.
  • Commercialization efforts and negotiation of a lease agreement.
  • Management and supervision of the leased property.
  • Transfer of the property.
  • Resolution of the lease agreement.
  • Litigation related to the acquisition of the property or non compliance of the lease agreement.

The management services we may provide may be related both to the management of your property and the signed contract, and to the management of any special vehicle you may have incorporated or acquired in Spain in order to maintain and manage your investment. Management activities may be of a legal or financial nature, and may comprise services such as accounting, tax liquidation, company domiciliation, performing of administrative duties, taking care of the maintenance of the buildings, etc.

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