Other services

Civil and commercial agreements

  • Commercial, agency, distribution, franchise and supply agreements.
  • Consulting and services rendering contracts.
  • Works and industry agreements.
  • Personal and in rem guarantees.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Sale and purchase of products and goods.
  • Put and call options.
  • Loans.
  • Lease agreements for industries and financial lease.
  • Transport contracts.
  • Aircrafts sale and purchase agreements.
  • Vessel construction agreements.
  • Vessel sale and purchase agreements.
  • Trademarks; assignments and licenses.
  • Intellectual property; assignments and licenses.
  • Proceedings for breaching of contract, agreement termination and liability for damages.

E-commerce and IT

  • Advice to information technologies companies  and  Internet Service Providers.
  • Licensing and technology transfer agreements.
  • Agreements for software implementation and assignment.
  • Advice on telecommunications regulation.
  • Operators’ contracts: interconnection, roaming, sharing of infrastructures.
  • Proceedings before regulatory authorities.
  • Data Protection.


  • Negotiations previous to the proceedings.
  • Initiation of judicial or arbitral proceedings in Spanish judicial or arbitral courts.
  • Enforcement in Spain of personal and in rem guarantees.
  • Applications for interim measures.
  • In court settlements.
  • Recognition in Spain of foreign judgements and arbitral awards.
  • Provisional and final enforcement in Spain of domestric and foreign judgments or arbitral awards.

Taxation, accounting and financial services

  • Tax services:
      • VAT administration and annual report
      • Personal Income Tax administration and annual report
      • Corporate Tax: administration, annual report and management of advanced payments
      • Special tax regimes: modules and Singular Objective Assessment
      • Administration of other taxes (Local Corporate Tax, asset transfer tax, etc.)
      • Tax planning
      • General tax advice
      • Tax compliance reviews
      • Assistance in inspection procedures
    • Accounting services:
      • Company operations accounting
      • Annual financial statements preparation (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss account, explanatory report, other documents)
      • Preparation, review and update of official accounting books
      • Settlement of Bank movements
      • Accounting advice
      • Internal auditing and collaboration with auditing firms
    • Other services:
      • Administration of labour contracts
      • Administration of incorporations, modifications and cancellations in the Social Security
      • Administration of wages and Social Security fees
      • Administration of layoffs and severance pay
      • Assistance to layoff settlements (proxy required)
      • General labour advice
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