Information services

It is essential that you understand the solvency of your debtor before taking a decision about the actions to be brought against him. It does not make any sense to embark yourself in expensive and long court proceedings if, at the end of them, you are just going to get a beautiful sentence which declares your right to recover your credit and the obligation of the debtor to pay you, but the debtor has long ago lost the capability to pay its debts.

Information services are, hence, a must for any person or company willing to take the decision to invest its money to recover its assets. Since a credit against a local Spanish debtor who does not pay because he is not able to pay is a worthless asset, the decision to proceed against the debtor requires to previously perform a cost-benefit analysis: will the effort in time and money we will make be worth the expected returns?

Information services may show you if the debtor has liquidity problems and has delayed or stopped payments to other suppliers or creditors, or, even if there are no other companies affected, it may also provide you a great insight in the structure of business and main assets of the debtor that will help prepare enforcement proceedings against him, and may give you relevant information that, provided certain legal requirements are met, may allow you to extend your claim to the directors of the company.

If you choose us to provide you these type of services, we will search for the relevant economic information on your debtor in publicly available sources (such as the trade register, real estate register, payment records registers, etc.) and prepare for you a comprehensive report on the solvency of your debtor, its main assets, and our opinion on the feasibility of recovering your credit given these data.

Information services offered

We are able to offer you different types of report, depending on the available information on the debtor. We search specialized public sources of information; please contact us in order to get an estimate on a report taylored to your needs.

Basically, we may search for the following type of data:

  • The main legal data of the company (issued capital, domicile, identity of its directors, etc.) plus the last deposited annual accounts. This information may give you a good general outlook of the economic and legal situation of your debtor.
  • Any available information on real estate assets, as well as industrial property (trademarks and patents) of your debtor. This extended information can be essential in order to examine the convenience of initiating judicial proceedings against your debtor, since the existence of this type of assets against which your right can be enforced can mark the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful effort.
  • Any available public information on the assets and financial situation of the directors of your debtor. Highly effective in the situations when, under Spanish law, directors may be liable for the debts of the company.
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