Other corporate services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).
  • Joint ventures and international alliances.
  • Spin-offs and division of business units.
  • Corporate restructurings.
  • Assistance in definition and drafting of bylaws and  shareholder agreements.
  • Family Protocols.
  • Secretaryship of the Board.
  • Liability of shareholders and directors.
  • Corporate proceedings for challenging of company resolutions, liability of directors and judicial dissolution of the company.
  • Debt refinancing and restructuration.
  • Company dissolution and liquidation.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings:
    • Assistance in the preparation and filing of a bankruptcy request.
    • Opposition to bankruptcy requests illegitimately filed by creditors.
    • Credit recovery in bankruptcy proceedings.
    • Challenging and acknowledgement of debts in bankruptcy proceedings.
    • Assistance in the negotiation of arrangement with creditors.
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