Documents required for the incorporation

You will need to send us the following documents in order to start the incorporation procedures:

Information on your business, the intended purpose of your investment and the origin of the funds (in compliance with anti money laundering regulations).

Signed private agreement between our firm and you/your company.

NIE for each of the shareholders and directors.

Any foreigner (even EU citizens) that will conduct any economic activity in Spain, acquire any property or share participation in a Spanish company, or be designated as Director of a Spanish company, must apply for a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero). A NIE serves as a fiscal identification code for Spanish tax authorities, and once you have obtained this number, you will maintain it indefinitely.

The application must be made by the non-resident interested party, either at a Spanish consulate if the application is made outside Spain, or in a local police station provided a power of attorney is issued for this purpose (please contact us first if your are a non-EU citizen).

This number must be communicated to the local notary whenever you sign any notarial document in Spain: incorporation of a company, share acquisition, deed of purchase of an inmovable property, etc. It is very important that you take into account this requirement when you planify your investment in Spain, because the issuance of the number may take many weeks.

We will very glad to assist you in the process of application for a NIE, providing you with the application forms, indicating you the documentation you must deliver, helping you in speeding up your visit to the consulate, representing you in the application if you choose to do it inside Spain, etc.

  • Power of attorney if you prefer not to personally sign the purchase in the Spanish notary.
  • Certificate of incorporation and of appointment of the representative of the incorporating company.
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